Ready to take on 2016

It’s the first Monday of the the year… Talk about a feeling of new air and exciting things to come.

I’m one of “those” people, I’m always looking for the positive/ happy part of things.  That can be hard in the news/weather business where you’re constantly surrounded by destruction & death. But, it’s who I am and I have no intentions of ever letting that change.

Many make resolutions for the new year and others laugh about how long they’ll keep the resolutions. So, for me, I just call them goals. Setting goals is something I’ve done my entire life.

One of my longest goals was to get my meteorology degree at OU and work in OKC. It wasn’t always easy getting there, but I kept going.

When thinking about my goals for 2016, I asked on Facebook for friends to share their resolutions. One man said I should just “repeat” from last year. No doubt, 2015 was an amazing year in my life. But, now it’s time for even more great things!

I’ve always been very futuristic, that will probably never change either.

Good Morning America this weekend mentioned that if you make your resolutions public then you are more likely to stick to them. So….. here goes.

In 2016, I plan to find creative ways to exercise instead of just going to the gym for a normal workout.

I plan to choose family over sleep. Since starting the morning schedule, I have been determined to get my sleep. I’m a much happier person when I have regular sleep habits. But, when you go to bed at 5PM you miss out on a lot, including family time. While I’m obviously not giving up on sleep, I’m going to choose family time over sleep more this year.

The next two go hand in hand and in 2016 I pray that a lot of people think about these two things.

I plan to avoid things I know will upset me and to make an effort not to take things personally.

What do I mean by that? We all know there are certain things that make us mad…. I made a list of a few specific things that I am going to avoid in the next year. What I don’t know, won’t hurt me 🙂

Then- to stop taking things personal. I have a job that puts me in the public eye which can sometimes bring on unwanted responses. I’ll admit, I’ve been lucky. I work in my home state and for the most part only get positive feedback, but it’s amazing how quick a mean comment can change the day.

While I know that mean comments will always get me down, something I can control is how I react.

Often times, I (probably we) take things in a way that they weren’t meant and get upset about them.

Take the term “weather girl” I’ve been on the team fighting to be called a meteorologist for a long time. That’s what I am, a meteorologist. But, I’m trying to remind myself that the majority of the time when someone calls me a “weather girl” they don’t mean it in an offensive way. I am a girl (or woman) and I forecast the weather.

Anyways, here’s to a wonderful 2016 forecasting the weather at my dream job and enjoying my first year of marriage.