FAQ with Shelby

I get a lot of questions about my job, so I’ll do my best to answer some of those today.

  • 1. How do you get up so early?

It’s not easy, but I take my sleep seriously. I am in bed in plenty of time to get 8 hours of sleep even if that means (which it normally does) going to sleep while it’s still daylight and most people are either having dinner with their families or mowing their yards.  Yes, I’ve learned to go to sleep to the hum of mowers.

  • 2. Why do you get to work so early if you don’t go on air until 4:30?

There is no one here to do my work for me. I have to get in to the studio in time to forecast, make graphics, record radio updates, update the weather app, update online weather forecasts, all that aside from getting myself on-air ready.

  • 3. Well, doesn’t someone else do your hair and make up?

No, that’s me too. A couple times a year we will have a make up consultant come in and do our make up and leave us with a piece of paper showing us where to put what. I conquered calculus and physics, but dominating those make up maps just isn’t happening.

  • 4. Who gives you your clothes?

My grandma!  Yeah, really!  We don’t get money for our clothing nor are our clothes provided by someone. That is all a thing of the past (something I never got to partake in!)  I’m very thankful my grandma and other family members enjoy helping me shop (and pay) for all the clothes I need for TV, it gets EXPENSIVE fast!

  • 5. When will you get a better schedule?

This one is really popular… Maybe some day I will move to weekdays & at least have the weekends off… But, even then the hours are still the same. The people ask well what about if you worked the evenings?  Well, sure I could sleep in, but I wouldn’t see my family any more. The bottom line is we are on TV when normal people are at home so my schedule will never be normal.

  • 6. College must have been a breeze just studying TV, I mean all you did was learn to talk!

AS IF! I actually didn’t take ANY TV classes in college. My major was in meteorology, my minor in non profits. My classes (aside from my minor) were ALL math and science based. We had to take calculus (for engineers) courses before we were even allowed to take a meteorology class. We started out with hundreds of students pursuing meteorology and graduated with about 35.

  • 7. You must LOVE tornadoes!

Nope, I actually hate them. What got me interested in weather was the fact that I was scared of it. I wanted to know exactly how to stay AWAY from tornadoes. I’m not as scared of them now, but I still don’t want anywhere near them. And I think it’s awesome that I get to use what I’ve learned to help others stay away!

  • 8. It must be so cool to be on TV!

It is! There is NO doubt about that!  It’s fun & I’m thankful to work in my home state so that I don’t have to change the way I talk (accent & language in general). But, there’s a lot that you might not see from the outside. While we love getting to bring you the weather and help you stay out of harm’s way… we deal with a lot. I think our job is often similar to someone who works in customer service, people get mad at us for things we don’t control. i.e. what the weather is like right now, what commercial is on our TV, what TV show we have to cut into because severe storms/ tornadoes are happening.  Take all that and then add the visual component. Most of the time customer service people at least get to be on the other end of the phone or email… We also have our face out there, our bodies out there, our clothes out there. And we take a lot of comments (positive & negative) on that as well.  It’s a weird business, for sure!

  • 9. Why don’t you like being called the weather girl?!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to stop taking offense to this & it’s actually gone pretty well. I did this because I think myself along with everyone else living in 2016 has decided to be offended by WAY too many things.

But I will explain why that term sucks. “Weather Girl” was coined back in the 60s & 70s when good looking women were brought on air to deliver the forecast… One that someone else had made for them because they weren’t meteorologists. The difference nowadays is that a lot of the women on TV doing the weather went to college to become meteorologists… we studied math & physics etc and got those degree, so we like to be called meteorologists.

I’ll also throw in a plug here for our guys. One of the reasons I have convinced myself to not be offended by being called a weather girl is because our male meteorologists get called weather guys too.  It’s still a little different, but anyways.

  • 10. Do you get paid to do social media?

Hahah yes & no!  A lot of people who have been in the media business for a long time look at social media as something extra they have to do, because they used to do this job without the extra online component. For me, it’s all I’ve ever known. Social media and our website are probably close to being just as important as what we do on the TV. They’re different, but they both bring something to the table.  What I LOVE about social media is the interaction. I am a people person, and while a lot of people hear and see me each day… I don’t see or hear them on TV. So I LOVE that social media gives me that opportunity to hear and see the people that are watching me on TV. I also think it gives me a better idea of what those people are looking for. It also gives me the opportunity to connect with people who aren’t seeing me on TV.