Blamed for the bad, never thanked for the good

Have you ever thought about that?

As meteorologists we get blamed for the bad weather, but never thanked for the good.

In all reality, even if we wished we could… we don’t control the weather we just do our best to predict it.  And one of the quickest ways to blow a forecast is to turn it into a wishcast.

You can request good weather, you can beg me for rain or for sunshine. I’ll listen, but the best I can do is to give you a heads up at what’s actually possible.

I’m a planner, so I totally understand wanting to know the forecast far in advance to plan an event. But, the farther out the forecast is… the less likely it is to be correct.  You have to keep that in mind.

One of the things that always makes me laugh is when people get mad at me when the weather is bad. It doesn’t matter if I forecasted it perfectly, the tweets and the comments will roll in. “I had ‘fill in the blank’ this weekend and you made it rain!” “My daughter’s wedding is this weekend, make the severe weather go away!” “I don’t like cold weather, make it stop!”

Okay, whatever blame me for the bad weather.

But, if you’re going to do that… Then you better thank me for the good weather!

A few people do thank me when the weather is good, it always makes me laugh. Again, I don’t control the weather but when weather is the small-talk everyone chooses &  you’re a meteorologist… I’m sure you can imagine the things I hear.

It’s not just meteorologists, though. It’s every profession. We aren’t complimenting people anymore, just complaining to/about them.  Think of how often you see/hear of someone wanting to “talk to your supervisor” because something has gone bad.  Does anyone ever return the favor and ask to “talk to someone’s supervisor” because they had great service?

Look for someone to compliment this week, I bet if you start doing this on a regular basis you’ll start noticing the positive things happening in your life more than the negative things.