Slow news day? No, must be rude comment day

I’m not sure how long I’ll be in this business before I’m no longer surprised by people’s comments.

It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever experienced. The mean, the rude, the ODD comments. We get a lot of them!

Before this starts to sound like a whiny post, I don’t deal with a lot of mean comments or I’ve secretly learned to ignore them, I’m not sure which. I’ve got it pretty good, regardless.

But, to give you an inside look at what people in TV deal with. We get comments on our appearance, the clothes, the hair, the makeup, the weight, our voice, our eyes, facial expressions, literally everything we do or do not do. Some of them positive, some negative, some are so positive they become creepy.

One way I deal with them… I’ve turned off all the private messaging features. If you want to say something to me, you can say it in public!

I always thought once I got married the suggestive comments would stop, but they didn’t even slow down. In fact, it just gave the commenters more things to say. So, if you’re reading this. I’m married, it’s listed in my bio, my about section, and if you follow me at all you’ll hear me talking about my husband.

Okay, moving on.

I see things all the time that I don’t like, I think are silly, boring or a waste of time- but it would never cross my mind to call/email/write a television station to tell them about it. I’ve taken calls of people yelling because they’re mad the football game they want to watch isn’t on our channel. We don’t control that, I, as a meteorologist, REALLY don’t control that.

I also don’t control what commercials play on your TV, what stories we cover, what the temperature is like at your home, when severe weather will strike, what my co-anchors say or wear, whether or not your town is in our viewing area (trust me, I wish I could control that so everyone in my hometown got our TV channel), the list really goes on and on. All of those are real examples of complaints I’ve taken from viewers. I’m a meteorologist for goodness’ sake.

The thing that bugs me the most out of all of it, is the simple fact that people don’t just change their TV or scroll past the story on their social media.  If you think something is dumb, why take the time to tell me that?

For example: I worked hard on a weather blog today that took a lot of time and research, etc. I felt like it was important and interesting to Oklahoman’s.  The very first comment on our station Facebook page on the post was “slow news day?” NO, actually this is local, interesting, and relevant.

So, I encourage you… Next time you see something you don’t like & you have the option to look the other way or simply keep scrolling… Do that, most of the time you’re complaining to the wrong person anyways!