Dance to the beat of your own music

It’s no secret that my entire life I wanted to be a meteorologist… I sought out every single opportunity to learn about the trade and meet people who were living that dream. I still do that today, some of my coolest memories come from meeting and learning from other meteorologists.

I got some amazing advice, unprecedented guidance and I’m lucky enough to have some of my idols as mentors.

I wouldn’t be living my dream if it wasn’t for all the help I’ve had.

Looking back on it all, my years interning with Gary England, my summer living in Nashville interning for Justin Bruce, traveling all over the mid-south meeting amazing meteorologists some of which included James Spann, Ron Childers, & Matt Milosevich, the trip to NYC to meet with Ginger Zee… they were all teaching me something different.

I learned how the business works, how to dress, forecasting tips, how to handle the schedules & the critics, the list goes on and on.

But, the biggest thing I learned… to be yourself.

Everyone has a different experience, they got into the business a different way, they moved up or moved around in different ways, they want different things in life, they decided to be a meteorologist for different reasons.

Everyone is different.

Now & then I ran into people who told me I “had” to do something a certain way. I “had” to start in a certain size TV market, I “had” to stay there a certain amount of time. I “had” to wear a black blazer every day to appear more dominant, I “couldn’t” have a girly voice. I “had” to have short hair, I would “have” to wait years to work in my home market. I would “never” get a job without reporting experience, the list really goes on and on.

They’re wrong.

Those people make me even more thankful for my mentors that taught me, to be me. And, taught me that I was enough and I would find success.

I think it spills over into any industry, for anyone’s dream.

If you want it bad it enough, you will find a way.

Take each person’s advice as just that, advice. Most of the time people mean the best when giving you advice, but remember they’re telling you what worked for them. It may not be the same for you.  We live in a world where things are changing quickly. Some things will stay the same forever, other things you’ll be dealing with that no one ever has yet.

So don’t get too lost in the “have to’s” and the “never’s” remember to be yourself.

Write your own story.

Don’t be afraid to show up to a TV station in your cowboy boots, instead of heels, if that’s who you are.

In my opinion, you’ll live a lot happier life being yourself than trying to be someone that somebody else told you to be.